How to appeal against a HMRC fine

How to appeal against a HMRC fine

Firstly, it’s important to note that no guarantees can be given for HMRC agreeing to remove a fine you have received.  HMRC will automatically issue you a £100 fine if you do not submit your tax return online by 31st Jan.  After a month you can then be fined £10 a day for 3 months until it’s submitted, that’s up to £900!!!

Yes, we can help you appeal against the fine but HMRC will not consider the appeal unless your self-assessment tax is brought up to date.  I’m afraid there is no way out of doing it.  If it’s not completed HMRC will continue to issue fine’s and these can add up to £1000’s.

HMRC are understanding of personal circumstances that may lead to your tax return being filed late so provide you tax affairs are brought up to date and you reasons are accepted HMRC will cancel your fine.

Contact us now if you need further help and advice relating your CIS / Self-employment tax and we’ll do our best to help you have your fine’s removed from your account.

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