Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline

Self Assessment Tax Return Deadline

2019-2020 Self Assessment Tax Return deadline extended


2019-2020 Self Assessment (UTR / CIS) Tax Return deadline extended by 28 February 2021.

File your tax before 28 February to avoid late penalties from HMRC.


The financial year 2019-20 started on 6th Apr 2019 and ended on 5th Apr 2020
If you have registered for UTR (unique tax reference) to start to work as Self Employed before 5th Apr 2020, and you have not yet submitted your Self-Assessment Tax Return, you have until 28 February 2021 to submit it your Tax Return to HMRC.

Original deadline was 31 Jan 2021, but HMRC has said they will not issue penalties if you can not meet the deadline, but you do submit your Tax Return by 28 February.

Do you need help to calculate how much is tax return and submit it to HMRC before the deadline?

Here is how Tax2u can help:

  • Confirm what work you did between these dates 06/04/2019-05/04/2020
  • Confirm your 10 digits UTR (unique tax reference) number or CIS if you work in Construction Industry Scheme
  • Send us all your income details between 6th Apr 2019 to 5th Apr 2020 (both as Self Employed with UTR/CIS and any employed PAYE income)
  • You may have your income in one of the followings forms: CIS deduction certificates, Payslips, Invoices, or shown in your bank statements, or on the P45/P60 forms from your PAYE employer.
How can you send us your income and expense info?
  • Tax2u online dashboard is secure and you can upload information there 24/7
  • Please upload your information onto your online dashboard, simply log in here using the same email you used when you registered with us for your UTR or CIS number.
  • You may email us at [email protected] and attach your documents, please note that email is not considered a secure way to transfer your tax information.
  • Once we receive your documents, we will verify and confirm with you any missing income between 6th Apr 2019 to 5th Apr 2020 
  • We will draft your Tax Return Estimate and NI contribution.
We may come back with a few questions like:
  • Have you also worked PAYE, with NI? If yes for what dates?
  • Have you had time with no work at all? If yes for what dates?

If you send us your bank statements, we can confirm your income & work related figure from there.

We will need your help to confirm what do we need to consider as income and work related expense. 

If your know that tax were already deducted from your income, please send the backup documents that show the tax deducted.

What are work related expense that are eligible to be used on your Tax Calculation?

If your income is above the £12,500 tax threshold it will help if you kept receipts for your work related expense (such us PPE & Tools, Transport, Bank fees). These expense will be entered in the calculation to lower your taxable income.

Once we have all your income details confirmed we will:

  • Do all the tax calculations for you and advise if you are due any tax back or if you have a tax due to pay to HMRC.
  • Send your Draft Tax Estimate value for your review.
  • You’ll need to confirm payment terms and authorise Tax2u to represent you.
  • We’ll submit your tax return to HMRC and the will process it, normally in 2-3 weeks.

If you have a tax due to pay to HMRC, you can set up a Direct Debit payment with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC)

We are here to help, support and advise all self-employed individuals at all times.

If you have any questions please email us know and one of our accountants will get back to you.