There are two main services that we offer

  1. PAYE / Flat Rate Expenses Tax Rebates
  2. Self Assessment Tax Returns
    1. If you work in Construction
    1. If you work as Self Employed with UTR

If you’re owed tax back, we’ll get it for you.

Our team specialises in reclaiming overpaid tax for our clients.  With your permission we’ll investigate your recent employment history to find out if you’ve overpaid tax or not. Find out if you’re due tax back, click here

If you are self-employed and paid CIS tax in any period we’ll ensure we recover it for you.

If you’re self-employed and due to submit a tax return we’ll ensure that we claim back all your allowable business expenses to reduce your tax bill.

We have made the process as simple as possible – all you need to do is send us your payslips or invoices and any receipts you have relating to work.

You can send this to us either by;

·        Uploading everything to your Tax2u Ltd online account

·        Email us at

·        Or WhatsApp us on 07939015759

We do the rest!

Tax2u Ltd are an experienced accountancy service provider* specialising in supporting our customers to deal with

–        UTR and CIS registration (regsiter for your UTR now)

–        CIS tax rebates (choose a service)

–        PAYE and Employment Tax Rebates (find out if you’re due tax back)

–        Self-assessment tax returns (choose a service)

Anyone who is self-employed must complete a self-assessment tax return at the end of the tax year (5th April of every year) and at Tax2u Ltd we know that this can be a complicated process, so we do the hard work for you.

* Tax2u Ltd is a registered accountancy service provider as defined by HMRC.  Tax2u Ltd are a registered HMRC agent** which allows us to act on our client’s behalf and deal directly with HMRC on their tax related issues.

** this does not mean that we are endorsed by HMRC.