If you have received a letter detailing a fine from HMRC or we have notified you of a fine you need to act on it swiftly. Failure to act on a fine letter will result in the fine increasing until your HMRC account is brought up to date.

Don’t panic, we can help you with this.

In the letter it will explain which tax year HMRC is missing your information for. All you need to do is send us your income information from that year and we complete your tax return and submit it to HMRC.

We also appeal your fine for you throughout this process.

We cannot guarantee the fine will be removed from your account, but we have a 90% success rate in removing fines from our client’s HMRC accounts.

If you have told HMRC that you are self-employed then it doesn’t matter if you worked one day or even no days as self-employed. As far as HMRC are concerned you are registered as self-employed and they will not have visibility of the actual hours/days you work.

As someone who is self-employed it is your responsibility to keep HMRC updated of your working status and earnings throughout the tax year. This is done by submitting your self-assessment tax return. Failure to submit a self-assessment tax return can lead to HMRC fining you which could amount to £1000s. For support with your tax return please email taxreturn@tax2u.co.uk

HMRC reserves the right to cancel the fine if and only if you have brought your tax return up to date. There are certain circumstances under which HMRC will accept an appeal. If you want to know how to appeal your HMRC fine please email us at taxreturn@tax2u.co.uk

You would have received a fine for not completing your self-assessment tax return by the deadline. It means that you registered to work self-employed and therefore need to confirm your yearly earnings to HMRC so they can tax you correctly. If you worked under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) it’s likely that you are due money back. Please email us now at taxreturn@tax2u.co.uk so that we can assist you in bringing your HMRC account up to date.

No, HMRC has you on their computer and will automatically print and send you a fine, you will see the fines accumulating on your HMRC log in, or if we are your agent we will be able to see your tax information on our account.

There are stages to how much the HMRC fine will be. If you miss the 31st January deadline then you will automatically be charged £100. Then after 3 months you will be charged £10 for every day you don’t return it.

Anyone that was registered for self-employment during the tax year and failed to submit their tax return by the deadline. The tax year runs from 6th April to 5th April the following year. From the last day of the tax year you have until 31st January the following year to submit your tax return. If you don’t submit it HMRC will automatically issue you a fine.