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How to claim back my tax rebate?

How to claim back my tax rebate?

Once we have received your information we calculate based on your income, minus your expenses to gives us a total profit. Click here to claim your tax rebate.

For example, if you earned £15,000 in the tax year 2019/20 this is how we would calculate it; Total income; £15,000 minus expenses; £2,000 equals total profit; £13,000

We use the profit to work out how much tax you either owe to HMRC or if you need to get a refund from HMRC for the tax year* and then we send you a copy of the draft for your approval. Once you have confirmed the draft we forward it to HMRC to get it processed. This can take up to 4 weeks for HMRC to process.

*If you are under CIS and have been paying tax throughout the year you may be eligible for a tax rebate.