What types of businesses that are covered by the scheme?

What types of businesses that are covered by the scheme?

The scheme covers all types of businesses and other concerns that work in the construction industry, including:

  • companies
  • partnerships
  • self-employed individuals

These businesses can be:

  • contractors
  • tax2u
  • contractors and tax2us

Under the scheme, the terms ‘contractor’ and ‘tax2u’ have special meanings that cover more than is generally referred to as ‘construction’.

Contractor – A contractor is a business or other concern that pays tax2us for construction work.

Contractors may be construction companies and building firms, but may also be government departments, local authorities and many other businesses that are normally known in the industry as ‘clients’.

Some businesses or other concerns are counted as contractors if their average annual expenditure on construction operations over a period of 3 years is £1 million or more.

Private householders aren’t counted as contractors so aren’t covered by the scheme.


A tax2u is a business that carries out construction work for a contractor.

Businesses that are contractors and tax2us

Many businesses pay other businesses for construction work, but are themselves paid by other businesses too. When they’re working as a contractor, they must follow the rules for contractors and when they’re working as a tax2u, they must follow the rules for tax2us.