Your UTR application was sent to HMRC 14 days ago, 80% of UTR / CIS and self employment applications are processed by now but sometimes HMRC has to undergo some security checks or are a little slower due to the time of year.

Don’t worry, we can HELP YOU. 

If you are one of our Yearly Accounting Services clients, then your Tax2u account manager has just been notified and will chase HMRC to get your UTR number. We will update you in within the next 5 days via email.

If you’re NOT registered yet for your Yearly Accounting Services, please check out our great packages designed to give you yearly support and ensure your HMRC account and tax affairs are dealt with by our professional team of accountants. Register now and we will chase HMRC to get your UTR, you’ll be allocated a dedicated account manager and we’ll submit your tax return for you every year. 

Otherwise you’ll need to wait to hear from HMRC and you should hear from them in the next 10 – 14 days.

For more information please see our FAQ page.